If you’re a resident of the Dominican Republic, you’ll probably know that your ID card, the cédula, expires in the year stamped on the card in pale blue, on your “día de nacimiento” – your birthdate. At least that’s what it says, and this was the case until recently.



According to new information from residents who renewed in the last few weeks, it actually expires on the anniversary of your last renewal, so if your cédula has 2013 stamped on it and the anniversary falls before your birthday, your cédula may have expired, and there is a penalty charge for each month since expiry. For example, my birthday is in October so I was not planning to go and renew until later this year. When I checked on the JCE website, I discovered it had already expired, because my last renewal date was two years ago in March.

To find out the actual expiry date, enter your details into this site: http://consultacedulados.jce.gob.do/web/Default.aspx?alias=consultacedulados.jce.gob.do/web/extranjeros

Thanks to DR1 forums poster dv8 for the heads up. http://www.dr1.com/forums/legal/132711-renovating-permanent-cedula-updated-info-04-2013-a.html