In this second guest post, our US retiree tackles one of the burning questions asked by almost every prospective expat – how much will it cost to live in the DR?

Last night we went to the cinema and watched the new Bruce Willis flick, in English, with Spanish subtitles (we get all of the new USA movies here, screened in a 7-plex, USA-like cinema in English, with Spanish subtitles). The admission price (on Mon-Tue-Wed, the discount days) = 125 pesos = US$3.14 each. Regular price on other days is 225 pesos = US$5.65. At the cinema’s snack bar, 100 pesos (US$2.50) buys the small popcorn & beverage combo (we select bottled water instead of sugar sodas). So a trip to the movies, with snack, costs the two of us about US$8.65.

We were out running errands yesterday, and we stopped at Burger King for lunch. 1 Whopper with cheese, 1 Whopper Junior with cheese, 2 onion rings. Total 500 pesos = US$12.56.

Image for illustrative purposes only – Photo: Pedro Guzmán

We spend US$600 per month on groceries (we buy a lot of fresh fruits & vegetables, and we drink a LOT of juices). We budget US$250 per month on restaurants.

More to follow soon on housing and transport costs.

Note that our guest blogger is based on the east coast, where the cost of living is slightly higher compared to other parts of the country.

Prices quoted are accurate for November 2012.