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A good friend went to Santo Domingo earlier today to interview someone he describes as “an extremely knowledgeable person” on the requirements of this new and quite confusing set of immigration regulations. He has kindly allowed me to reproduce his summary here.

Existing Permanent Residents and cédula holders:

If you have your permanent residency card and your cédula, you will continue to renew just like always. No problems are foreseen in this area. Just be sure that you begin the renewal process about two months before the due date that is stamped on your card.

Temporary Residents:

Holders of Temporary Residency will probably have to jump through hoops on more than one occasion. It appears that in order to sift through the background checks and such, the people at Migration will issue more than one renewal of the Temporary Residence Permit. My person said that maybe as many as three times.
There are exceptions: Rentistas, Pensionados and so forth might be ushered in after one year of Temporary Residency.

Residents on Tourist Visas who previously would have paid the overstay fee upon exiting the country will have to leave the country to start their residency process in the DR embassy in their country of origin, or be fined or whatever they decide.

The long and the short of it is that anyone who plans on living in the DR will have to obtains a “Residence Visa” at the DR consulate in their home countries before coming to the DR. Then they can start the paperwork. For those here already, that clock is ticking to file now or you will have to leave the country and return with one of the visas.