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Quisqueya – Mad Dogs and English Couple – Ginnie Bedggood (Best Books, 2007)

Quisqueya: Mad Dogs and English Couple charts Ginnie and her partner Grahame’s early years as foreign residents in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic where they arrived with four suitcases, US$3000 and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Merengue. It chronicles the challenges they faced in adjusting to a different culture, not least trying to make ends meet from Dominican salaries (hunger included!) and their learning to cope with power outages and water shortages. What is different about the book is that this middle aged couple obviously thrived on these experiences and thus the story is both positive, uplifting and at times very funny. In the Dominican people they found a humanity missing from their first world existence in England; thus, despite all the problems and all the challenges Grahame Bush and Ginnie Bedggood found themselves internalising this humanity to become more simpático people themselves.

Out of print, may be available online Available from Amazon.com, eBook version from http://www.offshorewave.com/ebooks.php